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African Leadership Academy (ALA) seeks to transform Africa by identifying, developing, and connecting a new generation of future leaders. The Academy was founded on the philosophy that a new generation of ethical, committed leaders is the key to Africa’s development. Each year, ALA draws the most outstanding students from across Africa to its campus in South Africa. Here, they build a powerful intellectual foundation and develop their leadership capacity through ALA’s unique curriculum. ALA then works with these young leaders throughout their lives as they enable lasting positive change on the African continent. With its audacious mission and lifelong engagement model, ALA is unlike any school in the world.

What Our People Say

Mopati Morake
Director of Teaching and Learning
"I came to ALA for the students, but stayed because of the colleagues - the staff and faculty who are the heartbeat of this place. With them, I get to learn every day. I get to be challenged and I get to grow. With them, the work is more fun. The work becomes more meaningful because it is done with people I care about."
Nkembo Kiala
Entrepreneurial Leadership Faculty
"Entrepreneurial Leadership Faculty
Work is not always about getting the task done. There is more meaning to the work at ALA. From my experience, there is a deliberate attempt to get to know the person you are working with. This opens up opportunities to leverage each other’s strength and build on each other’s weaknesses as growth areas.
Uzo Agyare-Kumi
Dean Emeritus
"Working at ALA has been one of the most fulfilling experiences I have enjoyed in my lifetime. I have the opportunity to work with teams of talented and committed people that inspire me to live my best life. My most cherished experience at ALA is being part of a community that cares deeply and with intention for its own, just like a family would. Some of my closest friends are people I work with every day. I remain inspired by their commitment towards mission building and our community."

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